Become a Partner with Awesome Delivery!

Are you ready to increase your revenue and expand your restaurant's customer base? If so, let Awesome Delivery deliver for your business. Partnering with us not only gives you access to our premier delivery service, but your restaurant gains additional exposure from all of our marketing promotions to thousands of potential customers! Just enter your information below to get started, and we will contact you to discuss the details!


We know how important it is to ensure that the customer receives quality service, value, and the utmost respect. Customer service is paramount and we will go above and beyond to see that each person is taken care of just like it was our own delivery order. For example, our delivery drivers use state of the art food warming bags to keep the customer's food in a better state than if they were to bring the food home themselves.


Convenience is our watch word. Not only do our customers receive their food in a better state than if they would have brought it home themselves, but our customers experience convenience from the moment they enter our site with ease of navigation, all the way til the food arrives at their door. As a partnered restaurant, you can enjoy the convenience of having orders faxed, emailed, or e-printed at your location. Having our drivers deliver your food is not only convenient, but cost effective as well. Additional income provided simply for the cost of food and takeout containers.


  • Our software has awesome features that allow the customer to track the status of their order either by text message or via our online tracking bar.
  • Existing customers can log into our site and place previously placed orders with a few simple clicks.
  • Our menus have the ability to be searched using key words to find exactly what they are craving.
  • Our menus are always available and customers can place future orders to be delivered when they're ready to eat.
  • Sales Reps love the convenience of being able to login and print their receipts from any of their previous orders.

How it Works

  • If a customer comes to the site, they will enter their delivery address to be able to see the list of restaurants that offer delivery to their location.
  • Then they will choose the date and time they would like to have their meal delivered.
  • Then they can choose what restaurant they'd like to order from and the items to be delivered.
  • Then they can either login to their existing account or create a new one if a new customer.
  • Finally, the order will be paid for and the order will be sent to the restaurant and they can expect their food typically in 35 to 45 minutes.

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